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These modern laminated A4 size Greeting Cards are an ideal well wish gifts for any occasion. English translated to any language of your choice to paste and pray it.

Then the LORD said, make a replica and attach it. All who sees it shall live.
KJV Bible. “Numbers21vs9”.

Welcome to our website

At TGBG Pasteit-Prayit, we value our customers, by visiting our site and buying from us, you have made a right decision that is not only for our benefits, but also for presenting your good intention to your friends and families. Our idea was a divine innovation that was established in 1998.

The inspiration is to nurture the here and now feelings of our customers all over the world in English and their spoken language, this we reflect in our story that we share when they gives us their exciting feedback.

As the innovator of this invention, a card was pasted at my bedside which reads “The LORD will save your children” I did not fully understood the purpose of this pasted card until one night that I had a nightmare. Opening my eyes, the first thing I saw was this inscription, I resonate this and my day was boosted with assertiveness.

At TGBG Pasteit – Prayit, our idea is divine, our vision is to make sure that our product helps with the needs of our customers, your peace of mind enhance our faith and gives us inspiration to research more on better way to add values to the lives of our customers and friends.